Wendy Neil | Registered, Qualified Counsellor | South Yorkshire





Counselling is an opportunity for you to talk through any personal difficulties you may have, with someone who is trained to help.  I offer Person-Centred counsellling, which is founded on respect for each person's uniqueness - of character, experience and perspective.  The goal of Person-Centred counselling is to help people develop the inner resources they need to find their own way forward.



What you can expect:


To feel heard - understood, accepted and valued

To gain new insights and increased self-awareness

Deeper understanding of emotional difficulties

Clarity about your way forward, the possibility of a new way of being





I offer help with issues such as anxiety and depression; also support in coping with difficult life events, whether past, present or future.  







Wendy Neil - 07491 904 803 - junctionscounselling@gmail.com


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