My Qualifications and Training


I'm qualified to diploma level in counselling and have undertaken further training on a variety of subjects including eating disorders, dissociation, trauma and anxiety.



My Experience


I have worked within the NHS in an occupational health setting for 2 years; at a domestic abuse agency for a year; and for Mind for a year.  This has given me a depth of experience in work-related problems such as bullying and stress, also the pressures of caring for others; issues associated with emotional and physical abuse; and also experience of a broad range of mental health issues.


Why I became a Counsellor


Like many counsellors, my first experience of counselling was as a client.  I found it such a helpful and interesting experience, I later signed up to do a 'counselling awareness' course at nightschool.  I enjoyed it so much I have carried on with my training and studies ever since.  It can be a challenging role, but I also find it extremely rewarding and inspiring to be able to connect with people on this level, and to be able to help people take their next steps forward in life.  







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