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I believe the foundation of counselling is the relationship between you and your counsellor. I aim to create a relationship where you;


~ feel valued and respected ~ 

 ~ can freely express your thoughts and feelings ~ 

 ~ feel understood and accepted, on your terms ~ 

 ~ gain greater clarity about your situation and your current self ~ 

 ~ can develop the confidence to explore possibilities and move towards a brighter future ~ 



My approach is;


 ~ humanistic: honoring the uniqueness of each individual, their perspective and values ~ 

 ~ respectful of each person's ability to self-heal and make their own choices ~ 

 ~ collaborative: bringing together my insights, ideas and knowledge of theory with your expertise on your self ~ 

 ~ optimistic about the possibilites for innovation, change and personal growth ~ 

 ~ holistic: regarding a person as a whole person, rather than as a condition or collection of symptoms or behaviours  ~ 



Sessions are face-to-face and take place in a comfortable and private environment.  My service is strictly confidential; there are rare circumstances where I may be required by law or by ethics to break confidentiality.  I am happy to explain this in more detail by phone or during an initial meeting.


At present I only work with individuals (not couples) and with adults.




Wendy Neil - 07491 904 803 -


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