More about my Counselling


The foundation of counselling is the relationship between you and your counsellor. I always hope to create a relationship where you feel valued, respected and accepted, where you can freely express your thoughts and feelings.  


I believe everybody is a unique individual, and that everybody has the right to make their own choices for themselves.  I use my training and experience to share observations and ideas with you, and to support you in making your own choices and changes.  


I have worked with clients who have struggled with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship problems, stress, abuse, loss and low self-esteem, amongst other issues. Whilst I cannot guarantee I can always help everyone, I can guarantee I will do my best to provide what you need, whether that be chance to unload, to work on coping strategies or to explore troubling thoughts, memories or feelings.


Please be reassured that sessions are face-to-face and take place in a comfortable and private environment.  My service is strictly confidential; although there may be rare occasions where I might be required to break confidentiality, I am happy to explain this in more detail by phone or at our first session and answer any questions you might have.


At present I only work with individuals (not couples) and with adults.

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